Optical fiber cables are a mode of data transmission using pulses of light. It is a futuristic way of data transmission and provides a significant speed for it. It provides many advantages over traditional ways since it can transmit data to a very long distance in a very short time with the best efficiency. It transmits data without the interference of electromagnetic pulses which saves the output from distortion. The most amazing feature of these cables is that they offer all these excellent features at a very reasonable cost. These cables have the least data loss ratio among all data transmission cables.

This machine is used to color the optical fiber cables. It is an important machine because coloring the cables in different colors helps to differentiate in their data input and output. While it is an important factor, it is not easy to color it and requires special machines to do so. These machines do it with precision and finishing. Optical fiber cable coloring machines come with a huge load of functions and features. There are also machines of optical fiber proof-testing and these machines help to proof-test the quality of a wire which certainly helps to a great extent to provide the best quality product to the customer. Fiber coloring machines certainly help to color large bundles of wire in a short time and help in manufacturing units to produce fiber on a large scale with quality aspects. These machines also help with winding the wires as it is an important factor in their transportation and handling. These machines save a lot of money for the manufacturers.



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